Use the Platform with Confidence with This Quick Start Guide



  1. On your dashboard menu, click on
  2. Enter your patient’s email address and a short invitation message
  3. Click

The system will automatically send the patient an invitation email. They should click on the link and follow instructions to enter the Adaptive Telehealth platform and create an account.


Once a nurse practitioner or a physician invites the patient on the platform, the patient will receive a registration link via email.

The patient will click the link and complete the basic registration form. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Note: The email entered by patient must not be the same as one that has already been used on the platform.


To schedule an appointment, click on the located on the menu on the lefthand side of your screen. This will bring up your calendar

On your calendar, choose the appointment time and pop-up window will open, allowing you to enter the appointment information.

After entering the type, description, and meeting time, click and the meeting will be scheduled.


Nurse Practitioner & Specialist

Attend an online appointment by clicking on the button associated with the appointment on your dashboard.


The patient will receive an email notification of the appointment after it is scheduled.

When it is time for the appointment, the patient will need to log in to the platform.

To attend an online appointment, patient will click the button associated with the appointment.

Important Note: To ensure the patient’s privacy, both patient and provider need to log in to the platform to get the meeting link for the online appointment. End users will be prompted to install a small plugin for the first online appointment.


If the patient is reporting that they clicked on the button, but cannot see the meeting window:

  • Check if meeting screen is behind other open windows
  • Check if popup blocker could be preventing the Zoom window from opening
  • Check firewall settings to see if it is blocking Zoom software

For audio issues

  • Turn up speaker or microphone volume on the computer
  • Attach a microphone or earphones to the computer
  • For audio feedback, attach a headset

Delays in audio or video could be due to internet bandwidth limitations or fluctuations. You can turn off the video when not needed to reduce the required bandwidth.


  1. Visit the FAQ section of the platform for the most common support questions and answers.
  2. Click on button found at the bottom of the FAQ section of the platform.
  3. Fill out the Support form and click the